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Wipe Away Water Spots For Good with Koenig Spray Polish

Wipe Away Water Spots For Good with Koenig Spray Polish

Posted by Bloomerang Solutions on Apr 8th 2021

Wipe Away Water Spots For Good!

Most commercial glass cleaners do an adequate job of removing smudges and surface film from windows, mirrors and glass. But water spots on shower doors are a tougher job to handle, which usually means using an additional product - and then cleaning the glass again!

We thought it would be so much easier to use one product - in one bottle - to clean the entire bathroom, including the unsightly water spots in the shower! With Koenig Spray Polish, you will achieve a spotless, streak-free shine by spraying the polish directly on to the glass and wiping clean. To remove the water spots, you simply need a piece of steel wool and Koenig Spray Polish will remove them with ease. Here's how:

How to Remove Water Spots from a Glass Shower With Koenig Spray Polish

  1. 1. Spray Koenig Spray Polish directly on the glass surface of the shower
  2. 2. Let the Koenig Spray Polish sit on the surface for 30 seconds
  3. 3. Use a piece of Steel Wool to wipe the wet glass surface in circular and side-to-side motions. For best results we recommend using very fine steel wool (#0000) to avoid scratching the glass and have also found it helpful to use a rag or gloves to avoid handling the steel wool. 

That's all there is to it, removing tough water spots with Koenig Spray Polish really is as easy as 1-2-3!

Best of all, now that you have used Koenig Spray Polish to clean the grime and water spots from your shower doors and walls, the carnauba wax will protect the glass and prevent the water spots from bonding to the glass the next time, making future cleaning even easier!

Water spots on glass surfaces are not the only job that Koenig can handle with ease. From cars and boats to windows and glass, this revolutionary all-purpose polish is all you need to tackle all your household chores – including the bathroom!

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