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Car Cleaner Polish


Car Polish

Koenig Spray Polish is the innovative alternative to traditional car wax. While most car wax takes lots of effort to apply – Koenig sprays on effortlessly, with no water required. And because it's The Only All-In-One® Spray Polish, it performs many other functions that traditional car wax just can't do, outperforming even the best car wax on the market.

This is ideal for:

  • Easier to apply. Sprays on instead of globbing on, which reduces mess
  • Can be used without water, in the sun or shade
  • Can be used on plastic and rubber surfaces as well
  • Cleans dirt, road tar, bugs, and grime – something that car wax can't do alone!


The main element that differentiates Koenig from traditional car polish is Koenig's unique ability to clean while it polishes. Koenig can remove virtually any type of dirt from your automobile's surface. The best part – it will give your car a showroom-quality shine, all without water.

And if you still use traditional car wax or car polish, you can use Koenig in tandem with the wax you already use. Koenig is great for in-between washes and waxes to "touch up" fine hair scratches, dirt, and other debris to keep your car or truck looking great. Koenig is perfect for traveling too- all you need is one can, and it can conveniently fit anywhere.

Try Koenig Spray Polish today to see how it does everything traditional car wax can, yet so much more.