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Bathroom Cleaner Polish

Koenig vs Bathroom and Shower Cleaners

Koenig Spray Polish is a great option for cleaning everything in your bathroom, including shower doors, sinks, faucets, and more. Koenig is the last bathroom cleaner that you'll ever need.

Koenig's scientific carnauba formula provides a showroom-quality luster to any smooth surface in your bathroom, protecting your bathroom fixtures while it cleans.

Koenig tackles hard water stains and soap scum with ease, and is perfect for glass surfaces like mirrors and shower doors. When used in your shower, the water will bead off the walls and keep your shower looking fresh and new for months. For a sparkling clean shower of your dreams, Koenig will deliver results time and time again.

Bathroom and Shower Cleaners


Other bathroom cleaners may get rid of water spots and stains, but they will just reappear with daily use. With Koenig, our molecular carnauba protection layer will actually stop stains before they happen.

Don't just clean your bathroom – protect it with the Only All-In-One® home cleaner.

Try Koenig Spray Polish today and see why traditional bathroom cleaners just can't compare.

Disclaimer: Not for use on flooring, walking surfaces, shower floors or on any other surface that might compromise a safe walking condition.