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Window Cleaner Polish

Koenig vs the Best Window & Glass Cleaners

Koenig Spray Polish is great for cleaning virtually any surface in your home – including windows and glass. In fact, many people purchase Koenig specifically to clean glass in and around their homes.

That's because Koenig does something that traditional window cleaners just can't do – which is adding a protective molecular layer of protection to your windows that protects against scratches, scuffs, dirt, grime, and other debris for months.

Koenig works by penetrating deep-seated filth and dirt, and using its proprietary carnauba formula to lift deep stains away. Additionally, Koenig adds a glistening layer of protection on your windows – leaving them crystal clear and protected from dirt, dust, and grime that accumulate daily.

the Best Window & Glass Cleaners


So if you are tired of simply cleaning windows, try Koenig and add a layer of protection to them as well.

Koenig works great on all types of glass – from kitchen stove tops, to exterior home windows, even automobile windshields – Koenig cleans and protects them all. Koenig outperforms even the best window and glass cleaners.

Try Koenig today and see why traditional window cleaners just can't compare. Koenig Spray Polish is the Only All-In-One® cleaner you'll ever need.