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Household Cleaning Polish

Koenig vs Household Cleaning Products & Kitchen Cleaners

It seems like there are many household cleaning products on the market, each created to perform a different task. But what if there was one cleaner that could clean every surface in your home?

That's why we developed Koenig Spray Polish, The Only All-In-One® solution for cleaning virtually everything in your home.

Koenig was specially designed to be the cleaner to end all other cleaners. That's because Koenig is the only household cleaner on the market able to clean and protect surfaces like granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, glass, windows, and even cars and trucks. That's because Koenig contains a unique carnauba wax formula that not only achieves a deep clean, but also adds a molecular layer of protection.

Household Cleaning Products


Koenig also serves as a great kitchen cleaner as well, adding a brilliant shine to your stainless steel refrigerator and dish washer, while also cleaning and restoring your countertops as well.

Koenig not only cleans grease, dirt, soap scum, and grime – it polishes surfaces into a showroom-quality shine that adds a thin layer of protection to your surfaces. This level of protection is ideal for countertops and stainless steel appliances that get used daily. Other household cleaners might clean well, but they lack that molecular layer of protection that makes Koenig so unique.

Try Koenig Spray Polish today and see why traditional household cleaners are a thing of the past.