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All Purpose Cleaner Polish

Koenig vs All Purpose & Multi Surface Cleaners

There are many reasons why Koenig Spray Polish is the superior choice when compared to traditional multi-purpose cleaners.

Traditional multi-surface cleaners might clean surfaces, but they don't protect like Koenig can.

Koenig adds a powerful layer of protection to any flat surface, thanks to our scientific carnauba formula. Not only does Koenig clean, but it keeps your counters, appliances, and other surfaces protected against future dirt, dust, and scratches.

Koenig does this by spreading an ultra-thin molecular layer that repeals virtually everything. It's a truly revolutionary all-purpose cleaner for a 21st century modern lifestyle.

Koenig wax is produced by the Brazilian Tree of Life, a special type of palm tree, in order to coat its leaves. This wax provides protection from the sweltering sun – and now we've harnessed this power of nature to best optimize your home appliances and fixtures.

That means a showroom-quality shine, combined with a powerful layer of protection.

Koenig vs All Purpose & Multi Surface Cleaners

This is ideal for:

  • High-end appliances that need to keep their shine and luster
  • High-use kitchen fixtures like counters, which need constant protection from wear-and-tear
  • Sinks and faucets that need to keep their shine, even when used daily

Shower doors that need protection from hard water and soap scum

If you want your home to be clean and protected, then the choice is clear – only Koenig Spray Polish can give you showroom shine and a layer of protection that your lifestyle demands. Other multi-purpose cleaners don't even come close.

Try Koenig today and see why it's the world's Only All-In-One® cleaner