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Koenig Polish® - Carnauba Cleaner Wax- 1 can

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Koenig Polish® Carnauba Cleaner Wax

Koenig Spray Polish® is a water based carnauba cleaner wax and has multiple benefits for your home and garage! Koenig Spray Polish is specifically designed for all the surfaces of your car, kitchen and bathroom . Our formula was developed using only the best ingredients to enhance and extend the life of everything it is used on. Water, pure Carnauba wax, coconut oil and clay bar are the 4 main ingredients that work together to clean, shine, restore and protect your most expensive assets. Koenig Spray Polish works by emulsifying and dissolving dirt particles, lifting them from the surface allowing you to simply wipe them away. The dissolved powdered clay bar in Koenig, polishes out fine scratches and surface contaminants at the same time completely prepping the surfacet to receive the carnauba wax. The nanosized carnauba wax particles fill in the microscopic pores in the surface. This technology creates a new surface that is now repellent to water, spots, stains, bugs, dirt and damaging UV sunlight for 6-12 months depending on conditions. One can will clean and wax an average car, kitchen or bathroom up to 3 times. Oxidation and imperfections on paint, plastic windows, and metal can be quickly removed with a foam pad buffer without leaving buffer marks or burning the surface.

The Koenig Spray Polish® works to:

  • Clean, Shine, and Protect stainless steel, fiberglass, smooth plastics, granite and marble, and even your vehicle.
  • Cleans glass like a dream! Use it on your windows, glass, headlights and mirrors.
  • Removes light scratches and scuff marks on polished stone and tile.
  • Removes bugs, tar and sap on vehicles with ease.
  • Restores headlights and gets rid of fog.
  • Removes soap scum in the bathroom.

The Koenig Spray Polish also has many other household applications:

In the Kitchen:
On stainless steel appliances. It works not only to clean, shine and protect but also guard against fingerprints. It can be used on granite and marble countertops. Clean your electric stove's glass range.

In the Bathroom:
Use on shower doors to remove soap scum and grime. Use on walled title to make your shower sparkle* Around the House: Use it on mirrors, windows and glass furniture for a high polished shine. It can even be used on smooth rubber and plastic surfaces to restore to a high polished shine.

For Your Vehicle:
One can lasts for 3-4 uses on an average-size vehicle. Easily clean, wax and protect without dragging out the hose. Looks great for up to six months!
Save money as an average visit to the car wash, that includes wax spray, is typically $12 per visit. Each time you use to clean your car you save between 20-50 gallons of water. Just spray, wipe, and buff your car clean! No muscle required – a child could do it.

With Koenig, you will never have to buy another cleaning product again!

*We do not recommend using on tile floors or bathtubs as surfaces may become slippery.

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