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Motorcycle Cleaner Polish

Koenig Spray Polish is specifically designed for all the surfaces of your Motorcycle. Our formula was developed using only the best ingredients to enhance and extend the life of everything it is used on. Water, pure Carnauba wax, coconut oil and clay bar are the 4 main ingredients that work together to clean, shine, restore and protect one of your most expensive assets, your Motorcycle. Koenig Spray Polish works by emulsifying and dissolving dirt particles, lifting them from the surface allowing you to simply wipe them away. The dissolved powdered clay bar in Koenig, polishes out fine scratches and surface contaminants at the same time completely prepping the paint to receive the carnauba wax. The nanosized carnauba wax particles fill in the microscopic pores in the surface. This technology creates a new surface that is now repellent to water, spots, stains, bugs, and dirt. The carnauba wax will reflect UV rays and protect for 6-12 months depending on conditions. One can will cover an average size motorcycle 6-8 times. Oxidation and imperfections on paint, plastic windows, and metal can be quickly removed with a foam pad buffer without leaving buffer marks or burning the surface.

Koenig Spray Polish Removes

  • Oxidation on paint, metal, and plastic windows
  • Rust and water stains
  • Exhaust & oil stains
  • Bugs & Bird poop
  • Scuff marks on paint & chrome

Koenig Spray Polish Cleans, shines, restores, and protects.

  • Paint
  • Chrome & all metal
  • Rubber and plastic trim
  • Glass and plastic windows inside and out
  • Electronic screens


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