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Headlight Cleaner Polish

Koenig Polish: Revolutionizing Headlight Restoration

Unlock the future of headlight care with Koenig Polish – the game-changing alternative to traditional headlight cleaning. Say farewell to dull, hazy headlights and embrace a new era of clarity, visibility, and safety on the road.

Why Choose Koenig Polish?

  •   Breakthrough Technology: Harnessing the power of cutting-edge formulas, Koenig Polish is specially crafted to combat oxidation, grime, and yellowing, restoring your headlights to their original brilliance with ease.
  •  Effortless Application: Bid farewell to tedious buffing and polishing routines. Koenig Polish simplifies the process – just a few sprays, a quick wipe, and watch as your headlights shine like never before.
  •   Lasting Protection: Unlike conventional waxes that fade quickly, Koenig Polish provides a robust shield against UV rays, environmental pollutants, and oxidation, ensuring long-lasting clarity and performance. maintenance
  •   Versatility Redefined: Beyond headlights, Koenig Polish is your go-to solution for rejuvenating taillights, fog lights, and other plastic surfaces on your vehicle, PLUS it's the only cleaner wax you need for the rest of the car as well including paint, windows and wheels offering unmatched versatility and convenience.
  •   Safety Above All: Clear headlights are vital for safe driving, especially in low-light conditions. With Koenig Polish, enjoy enhanced visibility and peace of mind, knowing you're equipped for whatever the road throws your way.

Experience the Koenig Difference

Step into the future of headlight care with Koenig Polish. Elevate your vehicle's appearance, safety, and performance effortlessly. Trust Koenig Polish for superior clarity, durability, and innovation – because your journey deserves nothing less.

For severely oxidized headlights

Please click on the video below showing the steps for cleaning headlights that are severely oxidized that don't come clean initially with just the microfiber and terry cloth towel application. Re-clean & wet sand with Koenig polish and 1500 grit automotive sandpaper together to remove the oxidized buildup. Then use a foam pad buffer with the Koenig spray polish for the final polish. Then buff it out by hand with a microfiber. Use Koenig spray polish once a month by hand as maintenance to prevent the oxidation from coming back. The more oxidation you have will require additional buffing with the 1500 sandpaper. As always you can contact us at our toll free number for additional headlight cleaning tips.


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