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Granite Cleaner Polish

Koenig - Granite Cleaner & Marble Polisher

You may know that Koenig Spray Polish works great on virtually any surface in your home – but one of our favorite things to use it on is granite and marble countertops. That's because Koenig not only cleans food and dirt stains, but also leaves your granite and marble counters with a sparking, showroom-quality shine that protects your counters for months. Traditional granite cleaners can't do that!

Other granite cleaners can only clean stains. Koenig goes one step further, utilizing our scientific carnauba wax formula to create a thin, molecular layer of protection between your granite countertops and the rest of your home. This not only protects them from daily wear-and-tear but also keeps them looking brand new for longer.

 Granite Cleaner & Marble Polisher

Some advantages of Koenig Spray Polish vs traditional granite cleaner:

  • Applies easily, unlike other granite cleaners that come in a liquid form
  • Utilizes carnauba wax for a high-class gloss that keeps your counters looking new
  • It's multi-use – other granite cleaners only clean one thing

Koenig is also great for replacing marble polish and granite polish. Koenig leaves a brilliant shine wherever it's applied, adding a luster to your home that will only be rivaled by 5-star resorts.

Try Koenig Spray Polish today and experience for yourself why Koenig is the optimal solution for cleaning granite and other stone countertops – and a multitude of other surfaces in your house and garage. You'll see why Koenig is the Only All-In-One® cleaner you'll ever need for your home!